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Jul 21
  • Our Mission

    Our Mission

    JJ Computers empowers organizations to concentrate on managing their business, not their network. Dedicated to being a comprehensive technology partner for small and medium-size businesses, we pride ourselves on the delivery of personalized services, the integrity of our employees, and an uncompromising commitment to excellence.

  • An Entire Team

    An Entire Team

    Our network engineers are responsible for ensuring you receive great service and the right technology solutions for your business.  But they're not the only ones. We provide you an entire team for all sized projects—large and small— including an Account Manager and Technical Service Manager to make sure the job gets done right the first time.

  • Providing Quality

    Providing Quality

    At JJ Computers we pride ourselves on producing top quality support and products to our customer base.  We use the highest performing and most reliable software and hardware available to create custom solutions for our clients. And we create those solutions with local engineers and developers.
  • Yes is the Answer

    YES is the Answer, Now What's the Question?

    We realize that your technical needs and circumstances are as unique as your business. We're often called upon to think "out-of-the-box" and to react quickly in a crisis. At JJ Computers, moving fast is never a problem. We'll do whatever it takes to meet and exceed your expectations.

  • Why JJ Computers?

    Why JJ Computers?

    We approach our work for clients as a long-term partnership. For that reason, we do not employ any sales staff. Your projects will be scoped by division heads and the actual engineers and developers who will be doing the work. We will not sell you what you don’t need and we will never pressure you into a sale.

Network Security

we make sure your environment is safe and secure

On the inside of your network, data access and loss can be intentional or unintentional. On the outside, your systems are regularly being scanned and attacked. Your employees are continuously receiving emails and visiting websites that are prompting them to install malicious software and open security holes. Protecting your data and your client’s data is critical. You know you need to keep your environment safe and secure, but you may not know all the potential security holes and how to address them.

JJ Computers provides a number of services and solutions to protect your environment including:

  • Incident Response and Recovery
  • Security Audits
  • Firewalls
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Router Filter Sets
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • File and Directory Permissions
  • Radius Authentication
  • SSL Authentication
  • Web Filtering
  • Virus Protection
  • Spyware and Malware Protection
  • SPAM Filtering
Home Services Network Security